Four years in the making

Special news section covers, July 7, 2010 and July 12, 2014

Emmet Smith, 2010 design;
David Kordalski and Josh Crutchmer, 2014 design

It had to be done, really.

The only question was how? Once we found the uncanny mirror image to Joshua Gunter’s LeBron shot of LeBron in a Heat uniform by Charles Trainor Jr., it all came home. 

Just like it was meant to be.

copyright 2014


Just a nuther walk in the woods. Apparently collecting textures. (at Hartshorne Woods Park)


Last weeks cover The Sunday Times Magazine

Just redesigned by art director Matt Curtis (ex-Eureka)

Photographer: Tim Flach;
Retoucher: Antony Crossfield

Editor: Sarah Baxter
Art director: Matt Curtis
Director of photography: Jon Jones
Picture Editor: Madeleine Penny
Designers Jessica Rose, Mat Gill, Sophie Dutton.

I want my staff to see this cover.